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Almost done...

2009-11-19 02:15:27 by Various-Deeds

Well I'm damn near graduated from College now and ready to see just how crummy the world will be out of school. Seriously I'm really going to miss all of the great artists I was able to work among and learn from in my classes.. oh well, life goes on. At least now I will have some time to work on the projects that I want to.

And I still suck at creating sound and music but we'll see what come of it.
My 3D skills are getting better however and soon I hope to get some character animations done.

New work on the horizon

2009-08-10 04:48:37 by Various-Deeds

To those of you who actually visit my profile lol... Working on some new 3D scenes for my final college art show. I'll post them as soon as I can but so far I'm just getting started. Think I'm getting pretty good with maya... shelled out the 500 bucks for the unlimited 2009 edition and I gotta say its pretty damn sweet, though my computer can't quite handle its FULL potential..

Artistic Endeavors

2009-07-05 01:26:27 by Various-Deeds

Well looks like newgrounds added an art section, can't say Im surprised though, only thought it was a matter of time. It gives me a chance to show you what I'm actually good at. Still need to go digging through some old files for most of my work. Oh well.

Well I'm here I guess...

2009-01-14 23:48:56 by Various-Deeds

Been a big fan of the newgrounds for a while now but only just got to making a profile and a post, oh well. Right now I don't really have anything animated or anything of the sort but I'm trying out making some songs at first.